6 things you should give up for a more successful business

In the pursuit of your business goals, sometimes achieving them comes down to what things you give up, rather than how much more you do. Less things to do = sounds good, right?! Here are the top 6 things you should give up if you want a (more) successful business:

1. Give up the excuses

When you take full responsibility over all aspects of your life, making excuses becomes more difficult. Adopting a solutions-orientated mindset will open you up to more opportunities and position you for both personal and business growth.

2. Give up the unhealthy lifestyle

Healthy living does not mean adopting a short-term diet or ingesting only liquids for the next five days. This is about the ongoing commitment to respect yourself and take care of your body and mind. Incorporating quality sleep, healthy eating and regular physical activity into your life will have all kinds of positive impacts on you and your business.

3. Give up the short-term mindset

This one can take some time to achieve; thinking long-term takes maturity, patience and wisdom. Successful people set long-term goals for themselves and their business. Where do you want your business to be in five years? Ten years? More? Really think deeply about this, then, set out an incremental plan that will see you reach those goals.

4. Give up on time wasting activities

Ok, we’re not saying you shouldn’t get to sit down to enjoy your favourite show at the end of the day – we’re just saying don’t overdo it, you know? Also, stop agreeing to do things that don’t support your goals – learn to find comfort in saying ‘no’ sometimes. Treat your time as a precious and depleting commodity – not to be morbid, but that’s exactly what it is!

5. Give up on the idea of the ‘Perfect’ time

If you’re stuck waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to start you next big project, launch a new idea or something else – give up on that! You know as well as we do that the ‘perfect’ time will never arrive. Accept the messiness that comes with starting new things and get into it!

6. Give up toxic people

Highly successful business people tend to be highly selective about the people they surround themselves with. This is for good reason, you know the quote “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. Spend time with people who share your values and who strive to better themselves and have a positive impact on the world.

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