3 Hops and you’re there! How your business can make the most of Easter holidays

There are many holidays spread across the calendar year, each of them offering your business an opportunity to attract new customers and increase revenue. Consumer behaviours change in the lead-up to, and during, holidays periods. It’s important you think strategically about how you can capitalise on these changed behaviours and attract new customers who’ll keep coming back even after the holiday ends. So let’s look at how your business can make the most of Easter in 3 steps:

1. Make an irresistible offer

Get inside the heads of your potential clientele. Consider what problems they’re having in the lead up to Easter that your business can solve? Remember that people will pay for convenience and time-savings. Some examples:

  • If you run a bakery, think about the families hosting loved ones over the weekend. They might have lunch or dinner planned at home, but what if you made that job easier for them? Put together an easy and delicious festive menu for them that incorporates a wide range of your products.
  • If you run a salon, offer a convenient package to get them ready ahead of their weekend getaway, for instance an Easter Pamper Special that includes their mani-pedi, spray tan and eyebrow shaping.
  • If you’re a tradie whose offerings include maintenance of residential properties, what about partnering with other businesses to offer the Complete Easter Spring Clean. This could be targeted at time-poor families and include everything from lawn mowing, window cleaning, carpet and kitchen clean etc.

2. Get festive

Whether your business presence is online or a traditional bricks and mortar shopfront, get festive with decorations (virtual or real). Introduce the Easter theme throughout your business to help your irresistible offer get more attention. Now, decorations don’t need to be tacky – put your own twist on the Easter theme, one that is aligned to the existing look and feel of your business.

3. Remember, this is not a flash in the pan exercise

Every new client you generate as a result of your Easter promotions could become a regular, even a promoter of your business. Make sure their experience with you is top notch. Give them ways to tell others about their great experience with you, for instance through social media.

Use this approach as a template for any or all holidays that occur throughout the year and watch your business grow as a result. With each holiday, you’ll become more and more practiced at getting the most out of it. Happy Easter!

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