Here’s How to Stay Out of Trouble With The ATO

As a small business owner and employer, you have both tax and super obligations to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Staying on top of these obligations, whilst running and growing your business, can be difficult. Too many small business owner fail to stay on top of their obligations and find themselves in trouble with the ATO. As a way to stay out of trouble with the ATO, some small business owners are choosing to join the Business Assistance Program.

What is the Business Assistance Program?

The program is available to small businesses that have:

  • recently registered for an Australian business number (ABN)
  • registered for goods and services tax (GST) or likely to register for GST in the near future.

Why join the Program?

The Business Assistance Program can help you with a range of topics, including:

  • your tax obligations based on your business structure
  • registering for GST and your GST obligations
  • employer obligations
  • super obligations
  • record-keeping requirements
  • understanding business activity statements
  • using our digital services.

What’s involved?

The Business Assistance Program offers tailored tax and super support over a 12 month period. The ATO will contact you four times to help you understand your tax, super and GST obligations. You’ll receive three check-in phone calls, which provide an opportunity for you to ask questions about your businesses tax and super needs and to understand how to meet your obligations. These four contacts will comprise:

1. Initial email

Within 2 business days of submitting the online registration form, you’ll receive an email welcoming you to the ATO’s program with links to useful resources and information about the program.

2. Check-in call number one

The ATO will aim to call you within five business days of registering for the program to discuss your business tax and super needs.

During this check-in they can talk about topics relevant to your business, for example:

  • GST and ABN registration
  • record keeping
  • how to create a proper tax invoice
  • when to charge GST
  • how to use
    • myGov
    • myTax
    • the ATO app.

3. Check-in call number two

The next call takes place four months after the first check-in. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have on topics discussed previously, or new topics such as:

  • understanding your Business activity statements (BAS)
  • hiring employees
  • Pay as you go instalments (PAYGI)
  • super payments.

4. Check-in call number three

The final call will be 12 months after you’ve registered. In this last conversation the ATO will:

  • answer any questions you have on topics you need help with
  • clarify information we’ve already discussed
  • discuss how you can access information and support into the future
  • ask you for feedback you may have on the program.

If you’re looking to broaden your understanding of your business tax and super obligations, then consider joining the Business Assistance Program today.

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