5 Tasks to Outsource in 2018

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. A key indicator of small business success is the ability to successfully identify the tasks that can be outsourced, freeing you up to focus on achieving your goals. In 2018, think about outsourcing these five tasks:

1. General market research
There are many aspects of your industry and business that can be researched more efficiently, and cheaply, by an external party. An example is finding the cheapest supplier for your business’ core assets or stock. This type of work can be undertaken by employing a virtual assistant – do some initial research to find a reliable and inexpensive option. Freelancer is a great place to start, and gives you direct access to freelancers across a range of professions.

2. Marketing 
Marketing is a core part of your business growth strategy. This is an aspect of your business that you want to be well across, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to drive it. Outsourcing your marketing to an expert – or at very least development of your marketing strategy – can be both time and cost-saving.

3. Website and custom application development
If you don’t have website development experience or in-house expertise, outsourcing this to an expert will deliver a fully functional and presentable website in less time and without the stress.  There are several freelancer agency sites that can help connect you to the right people to get the job done.

4. Managing your social media presence
Many small business owners find it easy to set up social media pages for their new business ventures, however keeping them current with engaging content can be another issue altogether. In 2018, an active and professional social media presence is critical to your small business’ credibility. If you are doing social posting yourself, checkout tools like Buffer as a way to streamline and improve social media results across your channels.

5. Call handling
Staying on top of incoming calls can be difficult for many small business owners who are too busy on the job to answer calls as they come in. There are companies that provide 24-hour call answering services with qualified call center staff who can manage basic enquiries from your prospective clients and pass messages on to you in the format you desire. Check out these Google search results to get started.

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