5 Signs Your Website is Stuck in the Past

The hardest thing about owning a business is getting your brand noticed and standing out from the crowd.

A tired, clunky website that takes you forever to maintain and doesn’t appear in Google search results until page 48 is costing your business time, money and lost opportunities!

Here are 5 signs that your website is stuck in the past:

  1. It doesn’t represent your business – a tired, old website might be sending the wrong message and costing you business.
  2. It’s behind the times – smartphone, mobile and tablet-friendly websites are essential in 2018. Are you missing out on business opportunities because your website is incompatible with tablets or smartphones?
  3. It’s too complex – are you tired of wasting your precious time with formatting, links, buttons?
  4. It’s invisible – if a website exists on the Internet, but nobody can find it, does it really exist at all? Are you failing to capture new leads through poor searchability?

Sound familiar? Don’t worry – we have a simple solution! A new website will do the hard work for you and make SEO a breeze, ensuring your potential customers can find you easily. No more missed opportunities!

Find out how you can stand out from the rest with a brand new website from as little as $495.

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