5 Profitable Businesses You Can Start for $500

It’s most peoples’ dream to be their own boss, however starting a business can be prohibitive due to the up-front costs. Here are five business ideas that will cost you less than five hundred dollars to get up and running.

1. Virtual Assistant
All you need is a phone, computer and internet access to get up and running as a virtual assistant. Offering a tailored service to meet your clients’ needs means that you can open yourself up to a broad market – from blue collar small business owners through to executive-level professionals. Check out Freelancer as a place to bid for work.

2. Online Sales
It’ll cost you less than $150 to get up and running on a popular platform such as eBay. Do you have an eye for antiques? Grow your merchandise by browsing opt-shops looking for hidden treasures to sell online!

3. Social Media Marketer
The digital age has crept up on a lot of small to medium enterprises (and some large!). If you know social media back to front, this is a sought-after skill. Target your clients wisely and offer outsourced digital marketing packages that will help them sell more products and grow their brand.

4. Events Planner
Are you a natural-born organiser? Companies and individuals alike will pay good money for you to manage their event – be it a birthday or corporate function. It could be easier to start with a friend or family member – remember to document the tasks you undertook and get references! Create a professional LinkedIn profile with references and endorsements and reach out to as many companies as it takes to score your next job.

5. Cleaning Service
All you need to start your cleaning service is the basics. Then you can use profits from your first jobs to buy more specialized products or tools (i.e. carpet cleaner). Work on developing a reputation for reliability and high standards and scale this business by hiring staff and targeting your clientele through online marketing. Check out these 5 tips on growing your small business.

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