3 Time management strategies for small business owners

Time is money in business, and as a small business owner, your time is worth the most. So if you find yourself run off your feet day after day and still feeling stressed out by the a zillion things on your to-do list, then it might be time to stop and assess whether you’re managing your time appropriately. Check out these 3 time management strategies for small business owners.

1. Prioritise and plan ahead

Far too often we allow our grand plan of conquering the day to be derailed by low-priority issues that crop up unexpectedly. Start by making a list of your to-dos. Categorise them in order of urgency and importance. Be strict with yourself – as attractive as those tasks lower down on the list may look, it’s the ones at the top that are most likely to keep you up at night. Tackle them first, your future-self with thank you.

2. Anticipate and eliminate distractions

We’re all guilty of self-induced interruptions (ahem, Facebook, Instagram…). Let’s face it, these days, most of us have at least a mild smartphone addiction. Avoiding distraction to focus on the job at hand could take a lot of willpower, however a great approach is to decide on a point in time (say, 45 minutes from now) and between now and then, your phone is off limits. If external distractions are the problem, ask your staff to only interrupt you if something is urgent.

3. Delegation, your bestie

For those business owners who have a team, or the ability to outsource pieces of work to others, think of delegation as your best friend. There’s always room to assess your workload and question what can be delegated our outsourced. Sure, sometimes this takes more of an up-front time investment, but you’re playing a long-term game, right?

Finally, make sure you take good care of yourself! Sleep, exercise and a healthy diet will help you be the best, most energetic version of yourself.

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