10 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs live and breathe their business or personal brand. But they also know the importance that balance and lifestyle plays in maintaining a resilient mind and body. These are the 10 most common habits of highly successful entrepreneurs:

1. They keep active
Successful people make time in their busy schedules for regular physical exercise. Research shows that physical exercise increases the neuroplasticity of the brain which in turn increases our ability to effectively solve problems. Regular exercise also has positive health benefits such as reducing stress. This helps you to be more productive throughout the day and stay sharp.

Need some motivation? Take your fitness social and/or competitive with an app like Strava.

2. They read a lot
Successful people read to challenge their views, expand their knowledge and gain a stronger understanding of the world. Reading can also help manage stress levels and stimulate the creative side of the brain. Don’t have time to stop and read? Listen to audio books on the go.

3. Take time out
Great entrepreneurs take time for themselves to recharge and find balance. They use this time to reflect, strategise and visualise their next move.

4. They have effective time management
Entrepreneurs have mastered managing time effectively to achieve their goals. Successful entrepreneurs are among the world’s best at squeezing the most out of every day. This article covers the 20 best time management apps for small business in 2017.

5. They collaborate really well
Success is a journey that requires more than one mind. Highly effective entrepreneurs seek help from others because they believe that success is a shared experience. They’re great at attracting people who believe in their vision and know that more can be achieved together.

6. They set goals
Ask any successful entrepreneur and they’ll tell you that at any given time, they are working to achieve a number of personal and professional goals. They know where they want to be and what they need to do to achieve it.

7. They practice self-confidence
There is a difference between natural confidence and practicing confidence. Successful entrepreneurs back themselves and know that choosing to believe in their abilities will best position them to achieve their goals.

8. They possess a resilient, optimistic and flexible mindset
Successful entrepreneurs have developed a highly resilient mindset, having experienced the ups and downs on the road to success. They also know the value (and attraction) of optimism and maintain a positive outlook about opportunities that exist. They expect and anticipate change and respond well to it.

9. They join groups outside of work
Entrepreneurs involve themselves in various groups outside of work such as fitness groups and book club. These extracurricular activities help them connect with other people outside their usual circles and offers both friendship and business opportunities.

10. They embrace failure
Failure is a part of every entrepreneur’s success story. They understand that failures are what help them learn in order to succeed the next time.

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